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My interest in the outdoors started when I was a kid... actually before I can remember: I have it on good authority that I was most upset that my Dad wouldn't take me to Scotland with him and his friends... I don't blame him though, as I had only recently learnt to walk. As I got older he encouraged me to enjoy the outdoors, taking me on many trips in the Pennines and Lake District. In fact he encouraged many other kids too, through leading groups in the early days of DofE, back when Gold awards were presented at Buckingham Palace.

I do remember, aged 10 or so, being inspired by mountaineering tales from the Himalaya and creating a plan of what I needed to learn: rock climbing followed by ice climbing and then Alpinism. I had a well thumbed copy of Mountaineering by Alan Blackshaw which laid it all out. And so at the age of 11 I had my first trip away from home on a BMC Rock Climbing course in Borrodale. Brown Slabs Direct in the rain then Little Chamonix. Corvus on Ravens Crag the next day.

Throughout my teenage years I had many adventures in the hills. In fact, more than anything else, this probably shaped my identity... at least in my own mind.

It wasn't until the age of 16 that I climbed in the Alps, again on a BMC course. My initial interest in classic mountaineering came home to roost here.

Over the interveneing years I've had trips throughout the world... but never enough. And my interest in the outdoors has taken in a host of other sports: fell running, mountain biking, skiing, caving and paragliding. I've also worked for DMM and Paramo and, until recently, was a member of Glossop Mountain Rescue Team.

The science content of this site is based on my training as an engineer, BEng(Hons). Solving the problems of condensation in outdoor garments is a scientific problem where a good grounding in thermodynamics is crucial.

I like adventure... that's why I'm drawn to the mountains. And perhaps it's why I'm setting up FurTech, which has been an altogether different type of adventure so far.

The FurTech brand aims to develop waterproofs without membranes. Our technology gets rid of condensation in order to keep you drier than membrane hardshells but has comfort and breathability better than most softshells. We also aim to sell other layers and equipment that work well with our garments in order to provide an integrated mountain survival system.

Our jackets have been tested and developed over the past few years and will be ready soon.